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Conor Hawblitzel

Conor Hawblitzel

Project Manager

After getting his degree in Biomedical Science from Northern Arizona University, Conor chose to take a turn and pursue his passion for carpentry. He got started in the industry building trade show exhibits and continued to fine-tune his carpentry skills from there. Conor’s true passion for trim carpentry and working with people has led him to take ownership over the projects he works on and ensure their success, making him a perfect fit for his role as Site Superintendent here at Classic Homeworks. He is naturally suited for his role and brings tremendous value to the team through his incredible attention to detail, high quality carpentry skills, and full investment into a positive client experience through delivery of a beautiful, finished space.

Off the clock: 

In his free time, Conor enjoys playing adult league sports and is currently a member of a lacrosse and softball team!