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Canon Smith

Canon Smith


Canon Smith is a skilled carpenter who has been honing his craft for over six years. Originally from Colorado Springs, Canon has worked on projects across the country, from coastal homes in Georgia to the homes of musicians in Nashville, before joining the Classic Homeworks team in Denver.

With an eye for detail and a can-do attitude, Canon treats every project as if it were his own home. He takes great care to maintain a clean and organized work environment, and always strives to deliver a quality product that exceeds his clients’ expectations.

Outside of work, Canon enjoys exploring the great outdoors in search of historical relics, camping, and photographing wildlife. He is also an accomplished artist who draws inspiration from the culture and landscapes of the American West, which he captures in his paintings and drawings.

Canon’s passion for carpentry and his commitment to excellence make him an invaluable member of the Classic Homeworks team. Whether he’s crafting custom cabinetry or exploring the great outdoors, Canon always brings his A-game and is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for his clients.