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Caitlin Siwanowicz

Caitlin Siwanowicz

Residential Designer

Before coming to Classic Homeworks, Caitlin led an earlier career in the holistic health care industry before choosing to follow her passion and pursue design. She loves the art of taking an outdated space and bringing new life to it, while still maintaining the overall integrity of the home. Her time working in holistic health taught her the importance of truly connecting with others on a deeper level and she strives to understand what motivates each homeowner she works with in order to transform their space in a meaningful way. Knowing that she is able to give clients a fresh start, a new-found comfort and an ease of life is what she enjoys most in her role as a designer.

Off the clock:

You can find Caitlin backpacking, paddle boarding, hanging with Desi dog and taking on creative little design projects like sewing, crafting and floral arrangements. She is also rumored to give a very realistic peacock call, though we haven’t heard it for ourselves…