Pop Tops

We're often asked what to expect when exploring popping the roof of your home. To answer this, we'll address three topics: Pop top costs, realistic project timelines and the benefits of having a full-service design/build firm handle your remodel from start to finish.


$450,000 - $750,000 & up 

  • A pop top addition involves ‘popping’ the roof of your house and creating a full second-story. Our pop top additions generally include 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The higher end of this range generally includes a whole house remodel as well as a pop top addition.


  • Design & Pre-Construction: typically 3-6 months 
  • Engineering & Permitting: typically 3 months 
  • Construction: typically 9-12 months  

Why Design/Build?

As a full-service design-build firm, Classic Homeworks manages your entire project from initial design and refinement through construction and warranty. Having a qualified firm manage your project from start to finish is beneficial for many reasons: 

  • You will know the cost of your project in the beginning and we will continuously work to keep your project in line with your overall goals
  • You know up-front when your decisions affect style, budget and timeline
  • Our design and construction teams work in tandem to make sure no time is wasted as all the moving parts of your project come together
  • There is accountability for every step of our process and you always have a point of contact for questions and concerns