Classic Homeworks has a long-standing history of being the top design/build firm in the Denver metro area for clients who are concerned about the meticulous and highly-nuanced details of remodeling their older home. We have 35+ years of experience remodeling late 1800 and early 1900 Foursquares, Bungalows, Tudors, Victorians, Farm Houses, and Mid Century Modern homes all across the city.

Older Systems

Our team and trade partners are experienced with the challenges that come with older homes, including knob & tube wiring, cast iron/galvanized plumbing, asbestos-wrapped ducts and more. We understand the intricacies of updating these systems to bring your older home into the 21st century.


We have worked closely with the same specialty subcontractors for decades, making our trade partners just as well suited to tackle your historical remodel as we are.

Landmark Design Guidelines, Zoning & Permitting

Our designers are experienced in developing creative plans to work within Denver's landmark and zoning guidelines. In order to permit and pass inspections, many systems and aspects of older homes must be brought up to standard to meet current code. Our team is experienced in managing the entire process, including plan development, submittal, plan review, variances and hearings.

Finishing Touches

The aesthetic details of the older homes we work in are often just as important to our clients as the internal systems. Our firm understands how to modify and match existing brick work, custom mill historical moldings to preserve the beautiful detailing of Denver’s older architecture and source the necessary doors and windows to match your home's character.