Here’s how we are adapting to meet your needs & keep our communities safe.

  1. On our initial phone call, we discuss your overall goals and needs for the space you hope to remodel.
  2. We schedule a virtual consultation via Zoom with our Project Developers so they can see your space and prepare the initial scope.
  3. Once in design, we provide you with the tools you need to measure your space from a distance.
  4. We conduct virtual design meetings for every phase of your project.
  5. We present you with 3D renderings of your designs and walk through them with you virtually so you can see your space come to life.
  6. We can have samples shipped right to your door so you can see and feel all of your selections in-person.
  7. We remotely prepare your construction document sets and have them sent right to your inbox.
  8. We pull your permits so your project is completely ready to go.
  9. We are set up with e-signature software to manage all of your contracts.
  10. You’re all set for construction to begin!

3D Rendering 


  • Masks are required for all Classic Homeworks personnel on jobsites at all times; this includes all subs and any clients who are living at or visiting the jobsite.
  • No one will be allowed on-site who is in any way sick, displaying symptoms, or not following protocol.
  • We have set up hand-washing stations and are cleaning all surfaces constantly including all site deliveries, tools, materials, etc.
  • We are encouraging our clients to meet with us via online conferencing whenever possible and feasible.
  • In normal situations, our crews always isolate the areas of the home we work in as much as possible to keep the rest of your home clean. Now we are doubling our efforts to keep you as safe as possible as our workers complete your renovation.
  • We are maintaining a safe social distance of 6 feet as well as limiting the number of people on a jobsite at any one time.
  • No congregating is permitted on-site at any time.
  • Protective gear – gloves, eyewear, masks etc. – is required for all Classic Homeworks personnel on-site at all times.