Kitchens: What’s Trending in 2020

Kitchens are a trending topic in 2020 and for good reason. When you spend such a significant amount of time in one space, you need it to be more than beautiful. You need it to really work for your lifestyle. Our designers know this. Here’s what they are saying about what’s ‘trending’ this year.

1. What’s really trending is what works for you and your family.

It’s true. Family-friendly kitchens are the number one design ‘fad’ in 2020. People are really looking to maximize their space to fit their needs and there are many ways to do this. The three biggest considerations for family-friendly kitchens today are flow, material and maintenance.

Working with your space to maximize the efficiency of your layout is so important. The goal is that you don’t notice the layout of your kitchen, allowing you and your family to move easily through the room. There are a thousand details that go into achieving this and it’s different for every space.

Where to place your appliances, if and where to include an island, the size of your countertops, the way your cabinets and drawers open — these are all things our designers consider when creating the perfect kitchen for a household.

Choosing materials that are easy to clean and maintain are driving factors in kitchen design today. The exciting news is that production follows trend and there are now plenty of beautifully designed cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring and paint that do more than just add to the aesthetic of your kitchen. They also perform for your family.

2. Utility and uber-organization are hot topics.

It may seem self-explanatory, but 2020 kitchens are taking organization and utility to a whole new level. Having a place for everything has become a meticulous industry standard, with cabinetry and storage being front and center when discussing design.

Another organization trend is the desire to create multifunctional workspaces for the whole family. We are seeing more of an emphasis around an open table island that functions as a place to eat, work and prep in the kitchen. Additionally, small work desks are being built into kitchen cabinetry, providing additional workspace as needed.

Kitchen organization has sparked the conversation of how to make all this storage and cabinetry feel like a natural part of the space. The answer? To hide it with great design. Work desks fold away into cohesive unit cabinetry. Cutting boards pull out of built in hideaways. Drawers, cubbies and shelving hide behind beautiful, flush, custom paneling. You can have a place for everything without sacrificing a clean and minimal layout.

3. Wood is making a comeback and we’re not upset about it.

That’s right. Beautiful, grainy, muted wood tones are back. Flat panel, euro-style cabinetry in a light driftwood finish is in high demand. Why are we excited?

Wood is a timeless way to make your kitchen feel warm and comfortable. It makes a statement without overpowering the space. With so many beautiful grains and finishes to choose from, it easily works into any design.

4. Designer pro tip: stay up on trends with color and accessories.

Bold pops of color and material are an amazing way to capture a moment in design. But before opting for cerulean blue cabinetry, consider an accent wall instead.

Trends come and go, but you want your kitchen to last forever. We recommend natural materials in the kitchen for a more timeless look. Accessorize with bolder materials, lighting fixtures, furniture and paint for that wow factor and your kitchen will never go out of style!


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